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UTOPIA is the title of the upcoming pilot episode of the live action web-series, Starseed + Her Psychic Warriors which is also Sophia Pierre's original comic series. 


Below you will find teasers, character spotlights, behind the scenes pics and vids and Original Character designs dedicated to the supporters of our Seed&Spark crowdfunding campaign.


Our fiscal sponsorship with Full Spectrum Features is still active and our FSF page remains open for donations from any late-comers to our #starseedfam. 

Meet Starseed's NEW RECRUITS:

Hadar Zusman (left) will be returning in the role of Alice along with Daphne Nitsuga (center) in the role of Wren. They will be joined by Morgan Bicknell (right) in the role of Sage and Symone Lee in the role of Starseed (pictured below). Check out the short film "FLIGHT RISK" to get a taste of these new recruits' back stories! 



In the end credits of the finished episode expect to see a special mention of the following individuals: 

Andrew & Teresa Pierre

John Olsen

Joe Pierre

Jason Scher

Lexie Billie

Zena Correia

Elaine Osceola

Valerie Thompson-Persaud

Pamela Barrie

Bon Comics

Patrick Cunniff

Ana Ortiz-Monasterio Draa

Clare Fournier

Frederic Moffet

Suzanne & Glen Olsen

Joseph Plummer

Lisa Shea

The Shuttleworths

Aaliyah Stephen