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We Are The System

I am the system, you are the system, we are the system. We are the "They" giving out the stats and the pie charts and the surveys. We are the "G-men", the "suits", the "HAZMAT" people that look like invaders from another planet, who carry that aura with them, who can do that because they are doing that, invading.

But it is not "they" it is us. We are born part of the system, we may not all get a badge or a license to kill but we all have the codes and certainly, we all have secrets. The system is no distant entity controlling your life, the system is your neighbour, it's the person you bump into on the street corner, it's the person at the cash, it's your old classmate from high school. It's your mother, father, sister and brother and it is you.

Even when you're dead, your remains break down into molecules that are recycled on the conveyor belt of life and death, used labour into a new work force, we all endlessly energize the system. Even though you die, the system will not allow you to die, because it will not die. The conveyor belt is its own self sustaining energy force. The system is fuelled by dominance, subservience and conflict. It is oppression and revolution. It is triumph and corruption. It is a circulating system of masters and slaves. But there is never a real master, only slaves.

No one can win because there is nothing to attain. The system does not exist. Deconstruct the construct and you find people, people wearing suits and people making surveys, people with BLOOD circulating through their veins. The system cannot be stopped because it did not start. It just is because it is nothing, nothing real. It is a name for conflict and complexity.

The further one looks out beyond the person the more complex it gets. The further one looks within one's self, the more complex it gets. Tribal rules become national law which become international treaties which may become interplanetary policies, even multiverse relations. In the mind there is a universe of interconnected neurons and within the body there are trillions of cells with trillions of proteins made of trillions of atoms. The simplest thing in the universe is the "me." I am the system, you are the system, we are, the system.

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